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Unit start-up difficulties and solutions

2015/8/26 15:17:53 Click Number:1172
1.1, press the start button, the unit does not respond or turn very slowly
Possible causes:
1) Battery power is low
2) battery line and pile head loose
3) intermediate relay failure
4) Failure Starter
5) Control Box Fault
1) Check the battery charge capacity
2) Check and tighten battery cable and pile head
3) Check the intermediate relay is normal
4) Check the starter
5) Check the fuse inside the control box and fastening plate line ports
1.2 One engine can be rotated to set the pace, but not fire
Possible causes:
1) injectors without oil discharge (supply poor)
2) fuel system infiltrated the air
3) fuel pump injector or fuel pump failure time is not accurate
1) Check the oil from the tank to the pump for leaks between the plug
2) open the exhaust screw Check the oil situation
3) Retry adjust injection timing
4) Replace the fuel pump Retry
1.3, and then start their own shutdown
Possible causes:
1) the oil poor, filter clogging, pump failure
2) air filter clogging serious
3) injectors failure
4) The temperature is too low
Note that the view control alarm status box on the instructions
1) Check the oil flow, replace diesel filter if necessary
2) Check the air filter condition
3) Replace the injectors
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