• MP-4-354


一、the use of the environment
In the following circumstances, the generator can be rated for operation
(1)The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters.
(2)The cooling air temperature (-15 to 40 DEG C)
(3)The relative humidity of not more than 90%

二、product features
(1)A reliable automatic voltage regulating exciter system and, optionally, a permanent magnet generator system and can provide a constant excitation in a variety of situations.
(2)It is easy with the grid or other generators in parallel.
(3)The balancing of the rotor, with sealed ball bearings, bearings with single and double bearing two structure.
(4)The simple installation, convenient maintenance: with easy access to terminals, rotating rectifier and coupling bolts.
(5)The multi specifications adaptor and single bearing coupling disc.
(6)It meets all the dominant land use standard.

  • Parameter
  • Model(mode)
    Rated power(kva)400v
    Rated power(kw)400v
    Rated power(kva)440v
    Rated power(kw)440v
    MP-4-354C 450 360 550 440
    MP-4-354D 500 400 594 475
    MP-4-354E 562.5 450 663.8 531
    MP-4-354F 625 500 737.5 590
    MP-4-354G 687.5 550 825 660
    MP-4-354H 750 600 885 708